School Visits

The safety of children in any school requires that certain rules about visitors are established and followed closely. If you have reason to visit your child during the school day, you must contact the school and teacher to find out what regulations are in place in that building. Some schools have special days or times of day for parents or grandparents to visit, such as a parent lunch day or a daytime program highlighting the arts or academics. School websites may have calendars listing such events, including the times to arrive and depart. Teacher information letters or blogs are another source of information about such events.

When children enroll in school or at the beginning of each year, you will probably be asked to fill out an information card listing the names and telephone numbers of anyone who has your permission to pick up or visit your child at school. Schools will require official photo identification before admitting you to the building or before allowing anyone to take a child out of the building during the school day.

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