Enrolling in School

Whether your child is just starting kindergarten or is transitioning from another district, private school, or home school, there are some basic requirements that must be met before attending a public school in Tennessee.

The best course of action to find out these rules is to contact the school directly.

Types of Schools
Once your child’s grade level school is determined, there are a few other school descriptors that you need to know about:

  • Regular – a traditional school
  • Magnet – a school that has a specialized curriculum or focus, such as the arts, advanced academics, science, or mathematics. Students’ residential zone lines are not a factor in attending a magnet school; instead, interest in the curriculum is the main reason a student applies to attend there. A limited number of enrollments is allowed.
  • Charter – a school that receives public funding and but operates as a private school
  • Virtual – a school in which the majority of the teaching and learning takes place using on-line or internet video instruction
  • Pre-school – a school that provides learning to children before they actually begin kindergarten

Some schools offer a short visit in the summer or before school officially opens to allow new students to visit their school, meet some of the teachers, find their way around the building, and learn about the new school they will be attending.

Tennessee school districts set the requirements for what documentation is required prior to enrolling a student in their district. To get that information, contact the district directly. https://k-12.education.tn.gov/sde/CreateDistrictList.asp?status=A&activeonly=Y

Some legal documents are required for Tennessee students to attend school:


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